New players always welcome!

No experience needed!

What’s rugby??  

A great time, a great sport, and the best friends you’ll ever make.


The spring season is a continuation from the fall. We play some matrix matches as well as some friendlies, which are great opportunities to recruit, reach out, and make friends with other ruggers. The spring season runs from late February to May. Playoffs are in May, and Nationals are the first weekend in June.


Get moving!

We strongly encourage everyone to stay fit and active through the winter offseason.

Stay tuned for our Winter Fitness Challenge and find a team gym buddy. Email Lauren/Dobby Allen or Rhonda if you don’t have a buddy and want one- we will find somebody to get your booty out of bed and off the couch to go sweat!

(Yes, it’s cold. Sam Pankey doesn’t care.)

(Yes, [insert excuse here- blizzard conditions, turkey coma, monkeys ate my shoes]. Sam Pankey still doesn’t care. )


JRW had a great fall season, and lots and lots of rookies! Hooray!

Currently preparing for the James River Christmas VIIs tournament on

December 5th at Dorey Park.

Even if you’re not playing, come support us!

Practices for our VIIs squad are held

M/W, 7 pm, Westhampton Field,

5800 Patterson Ave. (No prax 11/25)

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